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Expressive Arts Florida Institute is a two-level Certificate Training program for those interested in pursuing the Expressive Arts as a professional path, whether integrating it into an existing career, or beginning a career in the expressive arts field.



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An experiential and didactic learning program, which provides a solid foundation of expressive arts practice. Students become familiar with the Expressive Arts field, and immerse themselves in this work, resulting in the development of a personal practice.

The material covered during Level 1 will include an overview of the field, with applications for individual, group, family, and community wellness and healing, and a series of expressive arts processes that focus on the whole person, including body, mind, and spirit.

Learning during the weekend courses is primarily experiential in nature, and students entering Level 1 should be prepared to do some significant personal work as part of their understanding and knowledge of this field.

Depending on each student’s previous educational and professional background, and their professional goals, they may be ready to begin implementing this work with others, as a facilitator.

Level One consists of a 1-day orientation class, 3 weekend intensive (25 hour) courses, and 20 elective credit hours. There will be assignments for each course, and students will complete them between weekend intensives.


This experiential and didactic learning program, further prepares students to facilitate the expressive arts with others and create their own professional practice. The material covered during Level 2 focuses on developing facilitation skills, learning the various theoretical approaches and real-world applications, defining the scope and focus of each student’s own expressive arts work, and learning the business strategies, ethics, professional registrations, and resources that assist the student in building a successful expressive arts practice or integrating Expressive Arts into an existing career.

Level Two consists of 3 weekend intensive courses (25 hours each), 20 elective credit hours, and an Internship. Students will have assignments to complete for each of the weekend classes. The internship, in most cases, will be completed in the student’s home community.

Elective credits

20 hours for each level.  Student will work with advisor to determine electives that will complement the curriculum and reflect individual student goals.




Each student will be assigned an advisor, and online mentoring and support with the advisor will be an integral part of the student’s educational program. Advisor/Mentors are the core Faculty of Expressive Arts Florida Institute.



All Expressive Arts Florida Institute students will be expected to document their personal and professional process, both for Level One and Level Two. Specific guidelines for this documentation will be provided during New Student Orientation (EAFI100) and in their first appointment with their Advisor/Mentor.

Documentation will consist of keeping a journal of all processes that are introduced, and personal and professional reactions to these processes. Photos of artwork and related images will be included, as well as handouts, material from elective courses.

Assignments and Readings

Each weekend intensive course will have an assignment, with both a written and an arts component.

Level One and Level Two each have a required reading list.

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