Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles of Expressive Arts Florida Institute

* We believe in the positive power of creativity in every person.

*We believe that creative practice serves health and wellness.

*We believe in the holistic nature of Expressive Arts, as it engages the whole person – body/mind/spirit.

*We embrace the practice of an Intermodal or Integrative Arts approach.

*We believe that the creative process and art-making itself is healing and transformational.

*Our approach to interpersonal Expressive Arts work is that of “bearing witness”, so that the person, group, or community may see him/her/itself more clearly and discover new possibilities for healing.

*Our focus is on the health-giving nature of Expressive Arts.

*We believe that Expressive Arts can be practiced ethically and effectively in a wide variety of settings by a wide variety of trained practitioners.

*We believe in, and practice, an experiential learning approach, supplemented by readings, presentations, and written and arts-based assignments.

*We believe that it is essential for the practitioner of Expressive Arts to be engaged in their own personal Expressive Arts practice.

*We believe in collaborative and community art making as a path to building relationships, community wellness, and social change and planetary healing.

*Our work is grounded in the cycles and lessons of the natural world.

*Our goal is to practice our work within an environmentally sound model that fosters sustainability.

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