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Expressive arts in daily life – today’s example 8-10-16
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Expressive arts in daily life – today’s example 8-10-16

8-10-blog post

How can you use Expressive Arts in your daily life?

This is what happened yesterday.

The 3 of us were in our weekly Partner/Faculty meeting.

Tamara and Victoria were both in our Sarasota studio, and Kathleen was in British Columbia, so we were meeting virtually. We were addressing a question, and seeking answers. After talking/brainstorming for over an hour, we had reached a place in our discussion where we needed a different perspective, more information, a dose of “creative wisdom”.

So we turned to the arts.

We took 10 minutes of quiet time and each worked spontaneously in our journals – spontaneous visual art, followed by writing.

Then we witnessed one another and shared.

Here are the results.











I watch myself take off upstream, in an unknown form, curious about what is ahead

The waters are vast with nothing in sight

I know I will meet my match 

Yet I wonder……………..















I see three paths leading to one place. I see steps to follow. All are leading to the edge of the page.

I feel drawn by the Earthy stairway but it is not complete – showing only part of itself. I feel relief with its structural appearance.  I wonder what is on the next page – where do these paths lead?  Where do these stairs take me?  Toward the light and warmth – in the same direction.

I need new coordinates to focus my compass.













Green part:

I am circling around deep knowing.

I am circling around deep seeking.

I am circling around connection.

I am circling around a pathway.

Yellow part: Your answer is in shining more brightly, being yourselves more fully, speaking your truth, making your art. It is essential that you do this together, share what you are doing, honor its power. People are drawn to a shining light. Shine yours.

It’s a small, yet significant, example of how Expressive Arts works. 10 minutes out of our busy day, allowing access to our deeper creative wisdom. With a little more time, we might have moved our bodies in response to our art, embodying our questions more fully and allowing more wisdom to emerge. We may still do that. One art form leads to another, and the learning deepens.

We will take the messages of our art into our further discussion, as we harvest its meaning.

The process we did today is a variation of “in this moment’, from our complimentary e-book. Sign up on our website and receive your copy. It includes a guided meditation to get you started.

Are you ready for a little more?

Try  Expressive Arts Discovery, a 90-minute virtual workshop.

Here is a synthesis of the poetic message from our art today. Maybe it has relevance for you, as well!

I watch myself take off upstream, in an unknown form, curious about what is ahead.

 I see steps to follow. All are leading to the edge of the page.

Where do these steps take me? 

Toward the light and warmth.

People are drawn to a shining light. Shine yours more brightly.

With gratitude,

Kathleen, Victoria, Tamara

faculty collage







  • eafadmin says:

    Thank you, Lisa! We are glad it is a good reminder for you.

  • eafadmin says:

    Thank you, Cynthia! Our art was asking us to share – very powerful indeed!

  • eafadmin says:

    Thank you, Donna! One of the things we love about this work is that we continue to be surprised and in awe!

  • eafadmin says:

    Thank you, Debra! Taking the time to tune in at a deeper level brings so much more information that simply “thinking about” a situation! We appreciate your support!

  • Lisa Richardson says:

    That is wonderful, and a beautiful reminder for me to stop reflect, and listen to my deep well as I attempt to determine the direction of my journey. Thank you.

  • Debra Marrs says:

    LOVE that you shared your process with us, Tamara, Victoria, and Kathleen. It’s a perfect example of how engaging in expressive arts is a great process for becoming unstuck or for choosing options towards making a decision. The intuitive side kicks in, and all the sticking places fall away as the art opens a “new” gateway to realization. Thank you for the great reminder!

  • Donna PAPENHAUSEN says:

    What and excellent example to share of thE wisdom that comes from the work! I am in awe of the power of the arts for guidance and direction. We do have within us a deep knowing and to be able to access it is a profound blessing.

  • Cynthia says:

    Oh, my. How beautiful and powerful! Thank you for sharing.

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