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transformative painted portrait collage

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Saturday, July 14

1:00-4:30 pm


  • Honor yourself, a loved one, or choose an archetype
  • Create personal meaning with words, poems, or other written memorabilia
  • Or create an ally, to face your dragons
  • Create an imaginary character and use it as metaphor to help chronicle or release your story.
  • Bring a portrait or figurative magazine image that resonates with you in a symbolic way or bring a photocopy of yourself or loved one.
  • Bring any inspiring poems, words, images, fabrics, and other papers that can be collaged into the artwork around this character.

In the Transformative Painted Portrait Collage Workshop, you are expertly led by artist, art educator and art therapist Laura Bohn in an intuitive and creative process to transform an image of yourself, or a magazine portrait image, into an archetype.

Altering a portrait/figure provides a symbolically layered means of reflection and transformation, especially when creating art for wellness with artist/art therapist Laura Bohn.

Archetypes are used by art therapists, psychologists, and storytellers to help individuals 
better understand their own life stories and reflect on them.

No art experience is necessary.

The way it works:

  • Start with an image or a character that brings you strength OR
  • Print an image of you or a loved one you want to honor, OR
  • Simply start by intuitively collaging a portrait to see what metaphors arise.
  • Add any additional memorabilia or ephemera you bring along to enhance your experience and portrait.
  • Add paint and other modalities to develop and transform your portrait into your archetype.
  • Trust your intuition and see your portrait reveal itself. You do not have to know exactly how it will transform.  transformative painted portrait collages transfomative painted portrait collages







What to bring:

Please bring a printed copy, or a magazine image of a portrait (of yourself, of another, a magazine image, or a loved one) No photos but copies of photos work well.

Any additional memorabilia or ephemera you bring will enhance your personal experience.


Transformative Painted Portrait Collage

Laura Bohn, MAAT, is an artist, an art educator, and an art therapist who teaches painting classes, workshops, children’s classes, and private lessons. As a professional artist for over 20 years she has enjoyed branching out into becoming a teaching artist for adults and children.  She also hold a masters degree in art therapy and now brings art and wellness workshops to the community at Atlantic Center for the Arts Harris House in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  She is presently teaching various classes and expressive arts and wellness at Casa Montessori School in Deland, Florida.  She and her artwork can be found on her website at

Join Laura in transforming a printed image of a hero, archetype, yourself, a figure, or any printed face or figure you find appealing into a painted portrait collage! Honor yourself, a loved one, or chose an archetype as a central figure to collage on board.


Minimum registration 7 participants, with a maximum number of 12.  Registration deadline is July 3. Participants will be notified with more details regarding the workshop after the registration deadline.