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A Virtual Mini-Retreat to support and enhance your Expressive Arts Practice:  Tending the Creative Fire!

  • Are you doing your creative practice in isolation, and want the support of a vibrant community or tribe?

    Have you  attended a workshop or training and want to keep the momentum going?

  • Or, has it been awhile, and you are looking to re-ignite the spark?

Using the elements to guide us, we have created these mini-retreats just for you.

Tuesday Nov. 28 1-5 pm ET: WATER

Engaging in the creative process with the facilitators at Expressive Arts Florida Institute was like taking a refreshing drink. I went into the retreat curious about how it would feel to engage in such an intimate process through a computer screen. Kathleen, Victoria and Tamara are so skilled at holding space and creating a safe and nourishing container that we transcended the screen’s barrier.” -Julie P.

Your creative fire is a precious resource of energy and inspiration that lives within you. It must be tended with care and consistency. With love and attention, it illuminates and inspires your life with a warm glow that is unique to you. The demands of a busy life or stress from the world around you can take you away from tending your fire. This drains your energy and leaves you feeling depleted, stressed, unfocused, or frustrated. Tending to yourself and your creativity along with engagement with a creative tribe can re-ignite the vital spark that sustains you. As the group gathers online around the metaphorical community fire from all over the world, you will feel the circle of support and inspiration. You will be guided by experts and included in a safe and accepting group without even leaving your own home. You do not even have to have any art experience or skills, just some simple art materials and the willingness or curiosity to explore.

I was very excited when I learned about the Expressive Arts online group. It had been far too long since I had traveled to Sarasota for an in person training, and I longed to once again connect with other expressive artists. I never doubted that Kathleen, Victoria, and Tamara would facilitate a wonderful experience, but I wondered whether I would be able to fully engage and connect to strangers sharing an online experience. What I found was a surprisingly easy connection, as the threads that wove our virtual experience, words, and images together were shared and witnessed. I can’t wait to do this again!
Sue Keston

Because we recognize that we need community and consistency to keep our creative fires burning, relight them if needed and learn to bank them to sustain us, we offer this monthly opportunity. Under the overall theme of Creative Fire, we focus each month on one of the elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water.

November 28: we will explore how the element of Water is related to sustaining creativity. How does water -with its ability to flow and fill in empty spaces- quench our thirst and assist our growth? How do we find it again when it has gone underground or manage it when it is flowing fast and furious? The metaphors of the elements provide potent entry points for our imagination.

December: we will work with the element of Air. Our creative fire needs breathing space to burn brightly. How is our creativity affected by the winds of change? Join our tribe in a circle of support as we invite our imaginations to engage with the metaphor of Air.

January: the focus will be on the element of Earth – grounding, connecting, supporting, and digging deep.

We invite you to gather with us for this dedicated time in honor of your own creative soul.

November 28, 1-5 pm ET

Online (through Zoom live video conferencing)


Register here.

When you register, we will send you some potent questions/prompts that you can engage with right away.
You will be invited to join the FB group for sharing and support, which will begin before, and continue after, the mini-retreat. (Participation in the FB group is not essential to a meaningful experience)

We will gather in a virtual circle, via Zoom.
You will meet your creative tribe live, and support each other in tending the creative fire in the midst of a busy life and/or at a geographical distance.

You will set your intention and share, and we will facilitate an in-depth expressive arts process. Time for art-making, movement, writing, and witnessing, and ending with an intention to keep stoking the fire.

Make a commitment to yourself and your practice!

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Jenny shares her art and writing from a recent online retreat!