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SPIRIT ANIMAL ONLINE with Donna Papenhausen

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SPIRIT ANIMAL ONLINE with Donna Papenhausen

Engaging and Painting Your Spirit Animal

Saturday June 6, 2020

Noon to 5 pm


Live Online via Zoom

Learn what a spirit animal is, discover its characteristics, and welcome it into your presence through guided meditation, journaling, and discussion.  Sketch, trace, or copy your animal, fish, bird or insect onto your canvas and paint. No art experience needed. Donna will guide you step by step.

Come prepared to learn the identity and gifts of your Spirit Animal and how they might impact your life along with a new way to approach painting.

This is for you if:

  • you are a seasoned painter OR if you have never picked up a brush.
  • you have always been curious about Expressive Arts or painting.

What you will receive is a deeper relationship with aspects of your soul and a painting of one of your Spirit Animal Guides.

What you will take away is a memory of an exciting, and perhaps new, way to approach artmaking-from the inside out!

The gifts of working with Donna are that you are guided along each step of the way by an experienced expressive arts teacher; you are enriched by the multiple ways you will experience the presence of your Spirit Animal; you are held in a safe container as you move into your exploration; and you are led step by step through the painting process by an artist skilled in teaching classes for many years.

 Please register by May 30 if possible, as we need to know the number of participants 1 week in advance.

FullSizeRenderDonna has been painting for over 50 years. In this new body of work, inspired by the writings and work of Pat B. Allen, Stuart Cubley, Seena Frost, and Shiloh Sophia, Donna focuses on painting from the inside out. Using imagery evoked in meditation, writing and depth inquiry, Donna paints powerful, universal and archetypal images that tell ancient and modern stories of beauty, magic, love, imagination, faith and hope.

Born in McKeesport, Pennsylvania and raised in Monongahela, Pennsylvania. Rev. Donna Papenhausen has always been an artist at heart. She began revealing her passion for art as a three year old who liberally decorated the walls of her parents’ home with her drawings, once in black grease pencil! As she got older, Donna graduated to art classes in grade school, middle and high school, even winning an award in a state sponsored show her senior year.

As an undergrad at Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA, Donna majored in Art Education, graduated with honors. She taught art at Windsor Locks High School in Connecticut and later became Director of Christian Education at the East Granby Congregational Church. Donna graduated from Yale Divinity School, in New Haven, CT, and served churches in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Florida before retiring in 2012. Throughout her ministry Donna created her own art and used the arts in teaching and pastoral care.


Acrylic paint- your choice of 5 or 6 colors plus black and white. (Student grade is fine).
Brushes-inexpensive white bristle round and flat plus a small round brush with a good point for finer details
Spray bottle
Palette( paper plate)
Paper towels
Canvas 16×20 or larger
Journal something to write in
Photo of your Spirit Animal (optional)
Easel or a way to prop up your painting