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Professional Development Online with H. FAY WILKINSON
H. Fay Wilkinson

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  • Professional Development Online with H. FAY WILKINSON
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Professional Development Online with H. FAY WILKINSON

The Power of Stories –  Integrating Storytelling to Build Resilience

With H. Fay Wilkinson, REACE

Tuesday, October 30, 6:30-8:30 pm ET

Online, via Zoom

This ONLINE training workshop is the third in our series of Professional Development workshops via Zoom, bringing you leaders in the Expressive Arts field, to enhance your own development as a professional and/or student.


2 Elective credit hours for EAFI Certificate students

  • What does resilience mean to you?

  • Can stories contribute to building resilience – for yourself and the people you work with?

  • Are you ready to travel into an imaginary world that supports health and well-being?

Join H. Fay Wilkinson on this two-hour adventure that is both interactive and experiential as you explore storytelling devices that use both real life and existing stories like fairy tales and myths. After reviewing several examples of how stories can be incorporated into your personal and professional practices, you will continue on this exploratory journey to discover and experience intermodal ways that story can enhance characteristics (e.g. flexibility, problem-solving, and perception) that can help build a reservoir of strength we call resilience. You are encouraged to come with a short story to work with for example a zen story, or short fairy tale or myth that you love, even if you don’t know why!

Other things you will need:

  • An unlined journal
  • 4 – 6 unlined index / recipe cards (or cut card stock) no smaller than 4” x 6”
  • A few sheets of good quality paper approximately 9” x 12”
  • Watercolor paints/brushes, or materials that you enjoy using, e.g. water-soluble watercolor crayons, oil or chalk pastels, markers/pens/pencils
  • A magazine you are OK to cut into! (National Geographic for example)
  • Glue stick


Ppwer of stories H. Fay Wilkinson



Registration Deadline: 7 days prior to workshop date (October 23), if minimum enrollment is not met, workshop may be canceled. Please register before October 23.


Fay writes:

My relationship to story and its power goes way back to when I was a little girl. I created stories as a means of survival. Taking myself into imaginary worlds helped me navigate the realities of the real world. That passion for stories and creativity stood me in good stead in the corporate world I worked in for many years before finally finding my ‘home’ in expressive arts. Now I can move to and from story using different modes of expression (modalities), to shine a light on perhaps something I know, that I didn’t know I knew to support my mental health and wellbeing.

Fay is an independent, Registered Expressive Arts Practitioner (IEATA), a therapeutic storyteller and an artist. For over 30 years she has designed and delivered Expressive Arts experiences for both individuals and groups of all ages with a focus on mental health. Her published paper (in the international, peer reviewed Journal of Arts & Health), contributes to the growing body of evidence that now supports the value of engaging in creative processes on our mental and physical well-being.  Fay was awarded the Fellowship of Applied Education from Fleming College, nominated for the Innovation and Creativity Award from the Chamber of Commerce and is the founder of the Visible Voices Open Arts Studio, a community hub which encourages everyone to respond creatively to things that matter. She has been invited to speak about her innovative work nationally and internationally.
Watch the video to learn more about Fay’s work!