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Discovering and Celebrating Your Healing Gifts

A Red Thread Session

with Donna Papenhausen

Thursday May 25  6-8:30 pm

“Opening Your Medicine Basket:

Discovering and Celebrating Your Healing Gifts” 

Native American Healers and Shamen carried their special resources and magical medicines along with them in their Medicine Baskets.  Like a Doctor’s little black bag they contained what was needed to make the people well.  Dive into your medicine basket to see what surprises it might contain. You may discover just what the people in your world need right now !

Do friends come to to you when they have a problem? Are you known as the one to go to for home remedies? Do people lean in when they hear you talking? Are you the problem solver, wound healer, vision caster for your family or circle of friends? Then perhaps you are a modern Medicine Woman. Native American people turned to medicine Women for healing body, mind and Spirit. They knew certain people just had the knack, the wisdom to make it all better. Each of these healers had their own special bag of tricks,a Medicine Basket containing herbs, crystals, a drum or rattle,a chant, a sand painting, a red thread to help heal the people.

We too have healing ways, gifts to use to open the way for healing, wholeness and new life. Each of us carries within us skills,gifts and possibilities in our own Medicine Baskets. If you have never considered this possibility or even if you have,you are invited to join Donna in discovering the contents of your Medicine Basket using Intentional Creativity.

Intentional Creativity is a process, a way of discovery developed over 20 years by Shiloh Sophia, an artist, poet, and healer who lives and works in Sonoma, CA. Donna is currently in training with Shiloh to share Intentional Creativity. This process uses intention setting, guided meditation, writing and painting to reveal ii sights into ourselves and to discover new creative and spiritual pathways for our lives

During our two and a half hour workshop we will create an image of our own Medicine Basket using acrylic paints on water color paper and reveal its contents,our gifts for healing, that we bring to the community.

Cost: $65 plus $10 materials fee