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MANDALAS AND MOTIFS with Susan Johnson

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MANDALAS AND MOTIFS with Susan Johnson

Mandalas & Motifs

How the Symbols of Life and The Great Round Show Up in Our Personal Mandalas

With Susan Paul Johnson

Sunday March 8, 2020 WORKSHOP FULL

Email us at to be placed on the waitlist 

1-5 pm

$60.00 + $10.00 supply fee

Can we decode ourselves using mandalas? Even the earliest known mandala – the Phaistos disk, found on Crete and estimated to be nearly 4000 years old, reflects symbols that speak to a deeper meaning.  From that time to this, humans have found the circular shape to be meaningful.  We may find our own personal mandalas intuitively reflect symbols and forms that may “decode” our intentions and may reflect or presage important themes of our lives. In this workshop we will specifically consider the work of Angeles Arrien and Susanne Fincher in considering shapes and forms that show up in our mandalas.  Come explore your intuitive self using the visual art making, movement and rhythm and see what circles may reveal to you.

This is for you, if

  • you want to experience the safe exploration of your inner worlds.

  • you want to understand more about how your art  (specifically mandalas) might offer clues to your deepest self.

Come prepared to

  • be open to self-discovery.

  • be excited by what you will find out about yourself through the process of creating and interacting with your own mandala art.

What you will learn is

  • how deeply mandalas are connected to our inner worlds.

  • how to develop or deepen your mandala practice.

What you will take away is

  • your own art creations that can be used for future guidance, journaling or meditation.

  • concrete knowledge of different mandala forms, the origin/basis for them, and the potential meanings for them in your mandalas.

  • the experience of creating and interpreting your own mandala(s).

The gifts of working with Susan are

  • her keen sense of opening new possibilities to each participant and guide each into self-understanding.

  • her deep respect for the mystery and the wisdom embedded in every mandala created and will help you see this in your own mandalas.

  • her kind and gentle wisdom that also will meet and challenge each participant to see the truth in themselves and grow into their own possibilities.

Susan Paul Johnson is a 2019 graduate of Expressive Arts Florida Institute Levels One and Two. She has studied and worked with Susanne Fincher at and facilitating programs for the past 7 years.She loves to help others discover more about themselves and their own lives by prompting them to create mandalas.