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  • Hollyhock, B.C.
  • Cortes Island
  • Canada


A Deep Immersion in Creative Process

May 31 – June 5, 2019

Kathleen Horne and Tamara Teeter Knapp

Expressive Arts Florida creative partners bring a powerful workshop to Hollyhock, Canada’s lifelong learning center.

Held by the pristine natural landscape of Cortes Island, explore your own inner landscape through Expressive Arts – visual art, guided meditation, movement, rhythm, writing, and sound. Tune in to Earth’s rhythms – the tides, seasons, days, moon – and feel the echoes deep within you, attuning you to yourself and discovering new possibilities for your life.

This is a brand new workshop, created just for the Hollyhock setting, where the external landscape will be the backdrop for your inner exploration through the arts. No prior art or expressive arts experience is required. We welcome you in to a supportive and accepting atmosphere that invites the power of your creative wisdom to arrive!

Are you…….

  • Longing to live a more creative life?

  • Looking for space and time for contemplation and artistic expression?

  • Drawn to a wild, breathtakingly beautiful natural setting where mountains, ocean and forest meet?

  • Seeking guidance, acceptance, creative community or tribe?

    Hollyhock provides the ultimate natural setting for this beautifully-guided, carefully crafted, creative whole-self-exploration.

*Dive in to your creativity – art, movement, writing, music, drama, nature

*Experience the power of the expressive arts

*Make deep connection, with yourself and with others

*Listen deeply within, and renew and restore your whole self

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“I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the Expressive Art program at Hollyhock in spring of 2017! It was wonderful to learn, explore and be open to new ways of creative expression in a very safe and beautiful environment. Kathleen and Tamara were wonderful facilitators, supporting and holding space  for each of our individual journeys. This workshop ended up “jumpstarting” me into an exciting new direction for my own life, for which I am truly grateful!”
Judy M., 2017 Hollyhock workshop participant

Read Kathleen’s blog post: Art, Space, Nature: notes from the island, here.

Hollyhock is a not-for-profit educational institute dedicated to lifelong learning and cultural transformation, through courses, conference and community.

Registration here on Hollyhock website

Whether you are brand new to this field, returning for renewal, or seeking to begin a training program, you will find something of deep meaning and inspiration. No experience in the arts is necessary.

Register for this workshop as a stand-alone experience, or take it at Hollyhock and get credit toward our Certificate Training Program in Expressive Arts!

Expressive Arts is a holistic field that invites profound examination and transformation into all aspects of human experience – body, mind and spirit.

Hollyhock exists to inspire, nourish and support people making the world better.


Kathleen and Tamara, our wonderful facilitators/teachers/guides, created a welcoming, safe, and inclusive atmosphere for this amazing workshop. I quickly shed any reservations I had about participating in the various forms of creative, expressive activities that enriched our time as a group. The moments we shared in their presence provided opportunities for learning, creating, and reflecting that I found to be transformational. This program surpassed my expectations and I feel so fortunate to have been a participant.  Carolyn S., 2017 Hollyhock participant


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