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  • Sarasota
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A Virtual Expressive Arts Workshop

Listen. Learn. Make Art. Share. Witness. Discover.

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Thursday June 7, 2-3:30 pm EDT

90 minutes of Expressive Arts Discovery! 

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I was very excited when I learned about the Expressive Arts Discovery online group. It had been far too long since I had traveled to Sarasota for an in person training, and I longed to once again connect with other expressive artists. I never doubted that Kathleen, Victoria, and Tamara would facilitate a wonderful experience, but I wondered whether I would be able to fully engage and connect to strangers sharing an online experience. What I found was a surprisingly easy connection, as the threads that wove our virtual experience, words, and images together were shared and witnessed. I can’t wait to do this again!
Sue Keston

Listen to what stirs inside of you. Listen to your longing.

Learn about Expressive Arts by engaging in it!

Make Art. Tune in. Be aware of the images that are waiting to emerge. Explore creating those images with simple art materials. Let the images speak – in words, in movement, perhaps. Be amazed. Find your way.

Share the gifts that your images bring. Connect with tribe.

Witness yourself and each other. Just witness. There is nothing that needs to be said or done.

Discover your next step.

“I have re-birthed my creative spirit!” 

Meredith Malkin, EAFI Certificate Program graduate

Join us!


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This workshop is for you…

  • If you have a personal or professional interest in Expressive Arts

  • If you have heard of Expressive Arts and are still wondering “what is that?”

  • If you have that feeling that there might be more people out there like you who love to create and don’t know where to start

  • If Expressive Arts is already part of your life, and you want to re-connect, with self and with tribe.

What will you find?

  • A hands-on experience that can enrich your life.

  • Connection with a tribe of global creatives who are making a difference  in the world.

  • Insight and experience of a simple and profound expressive arts practice that you can continue to reap the benefits from.

“The EAFI programs have had a tremendous impact on my life!  They have given me a path for growth and self-discovery, and development of my creativity, in a safe and supportive environment.”  Patricia Manning, RN, BSN, C/CES

What do you need?

  • a good internet connection

  • a computer and webcam

  • 90 minutes of time and space for yourself

  • a notebook or journal, paper or sketchbook, some simple art supplies such as oil pastels.

What DON’T you need?

  • art experience

  • your inner critic

Expressive Arts helps you break through old stories about your creativity. We will assist you in leaving your inner critic outside and inviting your authentic creative voice.

 Your facilitators and guides on your expressive arts journey:

 Kathleen Horne, Tamara Teeter Knapp, Victoria Domenichello-Anderson – Expressive Arts Florida Institute co-founders and core faculty.


“The best thing about Expressive Arts Florida Institute are the women who are the driving force behind it. Kathleen, Victoria, and Tamara bring skills, talents, creativity and passion to this work in ways that compliment and support one another.   They are an inspiration not only for the work they do, but, for the lives they live with integrity and commitment. They are ambassadors for this field, making professional connections with others locally, nationally and around the world.”

Cynthia Bydlinski

Art + Health Facilitator


Limited to 25 participants.

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JUST $27