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June 13-27, 2020 ONLINE

Each of these sessions is live online. (EDT)
  • Saturday June 13: Noon to 5 
  • Tuesday June 16: 6 to 9 pm
  • Thursday June 18: 6 to 9 pm
  • Saturday June 20: Noon to 5
  • Tuesday June 23: 6 to 9 pm
  • Thursday June 25: 6 to 9 pm
  • Saturday June 27: 11 am to 2 pm

In this course, EAFI 120: Expressive Arts for Body, Mind, Spirit – Experience the holistic nature of Expressive Arts.  Engage in a variety of multi-modal processes. Explore yourself through the portals of body, mind and spirit. Create a beautiful and meaningful mandala along the way. 

  • Experience Intermodal Expressive Arts as a holistic field, which effects change in all aspects of human experience: body, mind, and spirit.

  • Engage in a variety of deep and playful individual and group processes the invoke the emotions, the body, the spirit, and your own unique creativity.

  • Experience an introduction to Touch Drawing.

  • Create a beautiful mandala over the weekend, in response to your expressive arts explorations.


Expressive Arts for Body/Mind/Spirit is an experiential workshop that embraces the integrated nature of the arts. Participants can expect to engage in deep personal exploration through visual art, movement, sound, music, writing, guided meditation, and nature ceremony. A strong group “container” will be established, through guidelines and ground rules, and witnessing/sharing will be an important part of the total experience. Expressive Arts is a holistic field, inviting deep exploration and change in all aspects of human experience – body, mind, and spirit.  A variety of powerful and playful individual and group arts processes will evoke authentic creative expression and meaningful personal growth. Each participant will create a beautiful, meaningful, personal mandala (sacred circle) that “holds” the totality of his or her experience over the course of the workshop.

Tuition: $925 + $50 supply fee  

We offer a special tuition rate to EAFI graduates and Ringling Art and Healing Program graduates.

This intensive is for you IF:

  • You are Level One Certificate student in our Certificate Training program  

  • You are ready to apply and enroll in the Certificate Training program prior to the course beginning.

    This workshop is one of the core courses of the certificate program. It is appropriate for, but not limited to: educators, therapists, healthcare professionals, artists, entrepreneurs, spiritual directors, or anyone seeking creative self-exploration, increased wellness, and a willingness to engage with the arts who would like to receive training in expressive arts. It is also appropriate for anyone seeking training in Expressive Arts as a career path. No prior arts experience is necessary. Some previous experience with personal self-exploration is recommended. You must apply for and be accepted into the Certificate Program prior to beginning the course.

    If you haven’t yet begun your application for the certificate training, you can begin that process here.

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See the photos from our Expressive Arts for Body/Mind/Spirit Workshop at Hollyhock Retreat Center in B.C.

Additional Workshop Details

One of the key components of Expressive Arts is learning the creative connection between the arts modalities (visual art, movement, writing, sound/music, guided meditation, nature ritual, drama). Many different experiential arts processes, as well as some didactic content, will be woven into the outline, as well as some time for private reflection, art-making and witnessing/sharing.

Some of the key arts processes are:

*Authentic movement

*Creating a mandala

*a variety of voice explorations

*an introduction to Touch Drawing™

*Creative drama

*Psychokinetic drawing

*Clay work and story

*Dance of everyday gestures


*Nature-based art and ritual