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creative wisdom live online training retreat

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  • Online via Zoom
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Creative Wisdom Live Online Training Retreat

Sunday March 22

Noon – 5 pm ET

Facilitated by: 

  • Kathleen Horne, MA, LMHC, REACE, REAT
  • Tamara Teeter Knapp, K-12 Art Teacher, REACE
  • Victoria Domenichello-Anderson, MA, REACE

Certificate of Completion (can use for CEU’s) available

Special Introductory Price: $147

(2-payment option available – Use this Link)

This is for you if

  • You have some understanding of, and experience with, Expressive Arts, and you want to deepen your learning under expert guidance.
  • You want to learn the steps in our approach to intermodal expressive arts.
  • You would like to expand your training.
  • You are ready for a personal exploration in a safe container, with other creative seekers.

What you will learn is

  • How to identify and move through the five stages of intermodal process: Checking in, Entering Metaphor, Intermodal Exploration, Witnessing, Reflecting and Sharing
  • How to use our five-stage structure to provide the container for a deep and focused experience that yields insight, awareness, and embodied change.

What you will take away is

  • An embodied and potent personal experience
  • A connection with others in creative community
  • A deeper understanding of our approach
  • Personal enrichment, healing and growth

What you will need is

  • A good internet connection
  • A few basic art supplies
  • A little space to move
  • A private confidential space and protected time
  • An open mind and an open heart

Come prepared to

  • Meet, via Zoom video conferencing, the 3 of us and your fellow participants (up to 20)
  • Share with others through setting intention, checking in, making art, exploring through movement and sound, writing, and witnessing
  • Engage in Q and A, and group discussion.

This training retreat is designed to build on your experience with Expressive Arts, and assumes some familiarity or experience with the field. If you are brand new to this work, we suggest you start with 10 Steps Personal Expressive Arts Practice.

Do you have questions about whether this is a good choice for you? Email us. We are happy to help. 

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