Expressive Arts Florida Institute
EAFI Course Schedule

EAFI Course Schedule

New students ORIENTATION: Creative Wisdom: Introductory Online Training in Expressive Arts Self-Study. Welcome Lesson and Lesson 1 completed prior to first date of attendance. Enrollment is available at any time.

 DUE TO COVID-19 Training Intensives have been reformatted and rescheduled.


EAFI 220: Expressive Arts in the World   Due to COVID-19, This course will begin with an opening session on August 8 and continue with a series of professional development sessions in August, September, October, November, ending with a closing session on December 5


Level 1:   October 10-24         EAFI 110: Intermodal Expressive Arts (Online)

Level 2:   TBD                           EAFI 230 Business and Profession (Online)

EAFI 240 (Internship/Final Project) dates are published separately.

EAFI 250 (Supervised Clinical Practicum) is scheduled individually.