Expressive Arts Florida Institute
About Us

About Us

Expressive Arts Florida Institute is founded on the firm belief in the positive power of creativity, in every person and in the world. Through Certificate Training and Life Enrichment programs we teach and facilitate the expressive arts for personal, professional and social change.


Co-founders and Core Faculty:

KathleKathleen Horneen Horne, MA, LMHC, REACE

“I believe that the expression of our authentic creativity is a positive force for healing and peace, in individuals and in our world. Looking deep within to discover our inner visions, and learning the skills to bring these into form can be a profound experience for both artist and viewer. As an artist, teacher, therapist, and facilitator, my commitment is to stay honest in my own creative expression, and to assist others to do the same. This is a journey that can move us through our resistances, fears, and wounded places; a discovery process that allows our unique creative wisdom to be unearthed, honored, and witnessed. When we share ourselves from our most authentic creative place, we offer to the world our unique sacred vision.”     Read Kathleen’s full bio here

Victoria Domenichello-Andderson

Victoria Domenichello-Anderson, MA, REACE

“I believe in the profound power of the arts process to bring healing, wellness, and transformation to people of all ages and life circumstances. Expressive arts is a path that allows me to integrate my love for art my life’s desire to help others.”   Read Victoria’s full bio here



Tamara Teeter KnappTamara Teeter Knapp, BA, Certified K-12 Art 

“Expressive Arts is a way of life for me. Through the arts, I connect deeply with my inner knowing that guides me through life’s challenges and is with me in times of joy. Expressive arts is a personal practice for me, a way to contain my life, reflect on it, and bring to consciousness what is needed to make change both personally and in community. It is aligned with my soul’s purpose to be engaged in the arts and to share it with others.”   Read Tamara’s full bio here


Guest Facilitators

Patricia Manning

Patricia Manning, RN, BSN, C/CES, HNB-BC

Health Care Liaison

Patricia is a nurse and Childbirth Education Specialist. She also has a Certificate in Art and Healing and currently she works with at risk mothers-to-be, providing childbirth and parenting education, incorporating the expressive arts process into her practice. Patricia co-facilitates Art as a Healing Practice with Kathleen.



Donna PapenhausenDonna Papenhausen

Donna has had a varied career as an Art Teacher, Ordained Minister, Expressive Arts Facilitator and Intentional Creativity Teacher and Coach. Donna holds a B.A. in Art Education from Westminster College, an MDiv from Yale Divinity School, a Certificate in Intermodal Expressive Arts from Expressive Arts Florida Institute, and a Certificate from The Color of Woman School. She brings a love of creativity, teaching and self-expression to her work. Her fondest wish is to see others awaken to their Deep Wisdom.



Maureen O'ReillyMaureen O’Reilly

Maureen O’Reilly has had a varied career and life experience in the healing arts for the past 44yrs, as an OB-Gyn and Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner, and as a Raphaelite Work practitioner, One to One Processing Facilitator, and Healing Minister through the Sufi Healing Order. She came to Expressive Arts 7 years ago, in order to balance the challenges of life, work, and relationships, through a personal practice in connecting to the Divine Source of Creativity. She loves facilitating others through Expressive Arts and alignment with the cycles of Nature, for greater Self awareness and Self realization.

Liz Pascoe-Broome

Liz Pascoe-Broome currently works in the Sarasota area as a free-lance actor, singer, teaching artist, and expressive arts facilitator.  Recently Liz has taught acting classes and performed at The Venice Theatre, and teaches Theatre, Language Arts, Movement, and Expressive arts at the Mangrove School and Saltmeadow School of Sarasota.  In the past she has toured the country teaching performing and visual arts, and is passionate about creating performance projects that invite other’s to explore and expand their creative potential.  Liz Pascoe – Broome’s workshop offerings as well as contact information can be found on facebook at


Expressive Arts Florida Institute welcomes a stimulating and collaborative environment in which diverse and skilled facilitators are dedicated to offering expressive arts and arts workshops.  If you would like to offer a workshop, please submit your workshop proposal for consideration. Guest Facilitator Proposal Form