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Creative Life Skills for Personal, Professional and Social Change

Certificate Program Classes

Thur 5PM - Sun 1PM, Jan 19
200 S. Washington Blvd Suite 1
Thur 5PM - Sun 1PM, Apr 20
200 S. Washington Blvd Suite 1
EAFI 220: EXPRESSIVE ARTS IN THE WORLD: Populations, Practices, and Settings
Thurs 5pm - Sun 1pm, Apr 27
200 S. Washington Blvd Suite 1
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Special Events

IMAGINE HARMONY: A Workshop with Mitchell Kossak
9:00AM to 5:30PM, Mar 4
Jan 1
On-going Worldwide Collaborative
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Masters Degree in Expressive Arts

You can earn a master's degree in Expressive Arts through European Graduate School. Level One of our Certificate Program provides Module K toward your degree. For more information, click here: Masters Degree

Creative Life Enrichment Workshops

06:00PM to 09:00pm, Jan 16
Expressive Arts Florida Institute
10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Jan 18
200 S. Washington Blvd Suite 1
Thur 5PM - Sun 1PM, Jan 19
200 S. Washington Blvd Suite 1
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  • “Expressive Arts Florida Institute has a great team of passionate, creative and knowledgeable faculty members. Their training programs provides up-to-date learning at intellectual skill, intrapersonal and interpersonal levels. Through first-hand experiential art-making, students can have a lived experience of applying arts as healing, therapy and education.”




    Fiona Chang-Foo, REAT, RSW and Ph.D student (Hong Kong)
  • “Expressive Arts Florida Institute offers ongoing continuing education, visiting artists and presenters, a platform for sharing new and innovative processes, dedicated sacred art space, community work, networking, and an online community.”


    Patricia Manning, BSN, RN
  • “Expressive Arts Florida Institute offers a stand-alone training center that provides a level of intellectual, artistic and theoretical rigor comparable to an accredited college and/or university.”



    Theresa "Dancing Heart" Benson, Ph.D, Licensed Psychologist, EAFI Level One and Two Graduate
  • “The best thing about Expressive Arts Florida Institute are the women who are the driving force behind it. Kathleen, Victoria, and Tamara bring skills, talents, creativity and passion to this work in ways that compliment and support one another. They are an inspiration not only for the work they do, but, for the lives they live with integrity and commitment. They are ambassadors for this field, making professional connections with others locally, nationally and around the world.”


    Cynthia Bydlinski Art + Health Facilitator
  • “Expressive Arts Florida Institute has established a powerful regional, national and international presence in the field of Expressive Arts Therapy. In their region, they provide substantial programming for the general public as well as professional training and networking opportunities. Nationally and internationally, their certificate training attracts people from far and wide to study at their center. Their leading edge use of technology enriches their programs and brings the expertise of leaders in the field of Expressive Arts directly to their students. I think of Expressive Art Florida Institute as one of the great disseminators of the Expressive Arts in the world today.”


    Deborah Koff-Chapin, founding director of The Center for Touch Drawing
  • Expressive Arts Florida Institute’s workshops are profound experiences for me – both for personal discovery and professional development.  Through art making, music, movement, writing, and play, I have learned useful techniques, awakened aspects of my inner self, and engaged in meaningful sharing with others.  With careful guidance and an inviting, safe atmosphere, EAFI creates a community of learners sensitive to the value of self-expression for healing and growth.”

    Roy Nelles, Educator, Expressive Arts Facilitator



    Roy Nelles, Educator, Expressive Arts Facilitator